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TruckTEC is a market leading commercial own brand of OE high quality lubricants exclusively available through GROUPAUTO members like YMF. TruckTEC batteries and oils are built to last, so your wagon will spend less time at the side of the road and more time getting you where you need to go. Their batteries are well known for their efficiency, and with every single one, you get their renowned German manufacturing. TruckTEC lubricants are blended with virgin base oils and produced to meet or exceed OEM vehicle specifications using only the latest advanced additive technology to ensure complete engine and transmission protection. Since just 1989, TruckTEC has increased in size from 3 employees stocking mainly Mercedes parts, to over 60 employees stocking parts for many recognised brands, such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. All TruckTEC products are supported by a quality guarantee of being of "matching quality” under European Block Exemption Regulations. So, if your rig’s battery has run out of juice, or your engine has dried up, call Yeovil Motor Factors on 01935 426954 or email us at for more information.

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