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Freight Products Ltd first opened for business in 1991 and since then has become the largest UK-based manufacturer of marker boards and leads the field in the production of load restraint, ratchet and webbing products. Our range has since expanded to include items required for compliance with Chapter 8 requirements and a wide range of specialist warning and conspicuity products including Beacons, Lightbars, Chevron Kits, ECE104 Tape, Vehicle Safety products and Electrical Accessories. Working strictly to quality guidelines set out in ECE70, ECE70/1 and BSAU152 our marker boards conform to all relevant standards. Customers own logo(s) or branding is available on request. All Load Restraints and Webbing products are made to BSEN12195-2-2001 and are subject to strict control of raw materials and manufacturing process to ensure consistently high-quality products you can rely on. Webbing products can also be made quickly to customer own designs or specifications. Recently introduced new products include Electrical Coils & Sockets, Reversing & Dash cameras, Valeting products, Breathalyzers and a new range of Lightbars & Beacons. Call Yeovil Motor Factors on 01935 426954 or email for more information.

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